The most southern region of Austria is a traditionally popular destination either during winter or in the summer season. More and more people discover the wonders of alpine holidays, the mountain excursions, the clean, fresh air; bathing in the smooth waters of the lakes. Besides all that Carinthia is an excellent destination for winter tourism as well.

The charms of the area are mainly the outstanding cleanliness and tidiness, the richness of nature with lakes and springs - outstanding in all Europe - of clean potable water, an excellent infrastructure, excursion routes, cycle paths, ski - and panoramic elevator systems, and the position of the region, which allows you to visit Italy, Slovenia and Germany on a daily level.

Apartments in Austria, Carinthia nex to the Lake Faaker

In Carinthia there are 2000 hours of sunshine per year, it is very inviting in summer to freshen up in the crystal clean water of one of the numerous lakes. Should you choose Carinthia for a winter holiday, you will enjoy sparkling snow and bright winter sunshine.

Because of its 1270 lakes (of which 200 are bathing lakes with potable quality water) Carinthia is often called „the land of the thousand lakes”. These „bathtubs” of the austrian south can reach the temperature of 28 degrees. They offer the most excellent possibilities to sailors, surfers, waterskiers and divers. When the sun sets behind the mountains, the carinthian lake land provides the proper atmosphere: „faites-vos-jeux” in the casino of Velden, a cocktail in Pörtschach, hot rythms in the numerous discos or romantic hours in a small bay – the night life offer in Carinthia is of a wide range.

The second largest lake after Lake Wörther is that of Ossiach, which is a 15-minute distance from Alpe-Adria Apartments. The cabin elevator to the snowproof slopes of Gerlitzen takes off almost from the lake shore, it operates also during summer to the hikers’ joy. In wintertime Gerlitzen ski arena is one of the so-called „big five” ski facilities of Carinthia equipped with outstanding infrastructure and slopes of different levels.

Lake Faaker

Apartments in Austria, Carinthia nex to the Lake Faaker

Near Alpe-Adria Apartments the Lake Faaker is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful carinthian lakes which captures you with its little islands and its turqoise colour. In the summer season, from May to October, besides all the fantastic possibilities offered by nature there are a lot of colourful events to attract visitors in this area. During winter the region offers uniquely snowproof ski slopes, which are easily reachable from Alpe-Adria Apartments by a short drive. In only one trip you can ski through the slopes of Carinthia, the italian slopes of Tarvisio and the slovenian slopes of Krajnska Gora. On the nearby Dreiländereck you can stand in three countries in the same time! 


Address: Aussichtsweg 21, 9582 Latschach/Oberaichwald (Austria)
GPS: 46.562626, 13.925390




Address: Aussichtsweg 21, 9582 Latschach/Oberaichwald (Austria)
GPS-Coordinates: 46.562626, 13.925390
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In the following apartments there is no possibility of letting and taking in pets: TOP 3, TOP 16, TOP 17A.

Please keep the apartments clean and use the cleaning equipments that are in them.
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Leaving guests should not leave any food in the fridge or anywhere in the apartment, neither their own belongings and garbage.
Please empty everything from the apartment after leaving apart from the things that are on the list of equipments and furniture.

It is forbidden to stay inside the apartment in dirty clothes (shoes either), to sit or lie ont he beds and furniture.

It is forbidden and dangerous to bend over the balconies or throw anything from there.
Please do not leave children alone in the apartment or on the balcony .

Bedclothes, towels, bathmats are changed after seven nights.
The owners and oprators of the apartment house consider the conservation of nature and cleanliness of water very important, which you surely agree with.

Please take into consideration that the apartment house is in a resting area, where all permanent and temporary residents take care of keeping the stillness.
So please do not make noise in the halls, corridors, wellness areas, balconies of the apartments, in the yards because it might disturb the relaxation of other guests.
Those guests who arrive late in the evening should get into their apartment silent.

Please take up your accomodation between 15.00 and 19.00 on the day of arrival, in other cases previous arrangements are needed.

At arrival guests have to pay the price of one night per apartment as deposit, that they get back at leaving if everything is found all right.
The deputy of the operator of apartment house can check the apartment and its equipments right before leaving.

If at leaving a demand for higher amount than the deposit occurs, the deputy of the operator can start an agreement with the tenant according to the report
If the deputy of the operato and the tenant cannot agree, the deputy of the operator starts an official procedure.

Please leave the accomodation between 8.00 and 10.00 a.m. on the day of leaving, in other case a previous arrangement is needed.

The rest of accomodation price – that is over the deposit – has to be paid at last before leaving the apartment house.

Please select the garbage according to the following: mixed garbage (from kitchen), bio garbage (foodwaste, vegetables, etc), plastic, paper, metal and glass. Different garbage containers (except for metal and glass) are available next to the covered parking places. There are special containers for metal and glass garbage right next to the main entrance.
Each container has different colour and the garbage that it is used for is written on it.
Please throw the garbage into the proper container.
In the apartments there are green bags for bio garbage and yellow bags for plastic bottles, so you do not have to carry them downstairs one by one. For not collecting the garbage int he proper way the self government assesses a fine.

Thank you for your co-operation.

We are sure that you agree with the house rules as they are for your relaxed, comfortable and uninterrrupted holidays.

We wish you a lot of pleasant experiences during your stay here and we hope we can welcome you again.

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